Support Employee’s Career Growth with English Proficiency Training

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1986: A retailing network established in the United States


22,200: Global Employees (as of 2021)


2017: QVC Japan, Inc. launches goFLUENT’s language training solutions


As QVC expands network operations in Europe and Asia, international staff members gather online for meetings and leadership training on a daily basis. This integrated work setup magnifies the need for effective English communication skills that breaks language barriers to maximize the productivity of virtual teamwork.


Solution & Benefits

To improve the English language skills of its employees, QVC adopted goFLUENT’s Corporate Language Academy program which appeals to be a one-stop solution: with conversation classes, 1-on-1 sessions with english trainers, and learning contents recommended by the AI’s algorithm based on a language level. Adopting various measures returned the following benefits:

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    2.7x more employee engagement

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    Increased motivation to be active and contributing members

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    Overall increase in confidence in using English


“One major advantage is that the AI recommends content from a variety of learning materials based on learners’ language level, business content, and other factors. The system accommodates a wide range of language levels, too.”

Sachie Sumi
Learning Development Manager