Bridge cultural and language barriers with hyper-personalized language solution


1886: A German personal care brand owned by Beiersdorf AG manufacturing company


20,000: Employees


2020: goFLUENT Program Activaton

The amount of resources and activities that we have in the platform are amazing and are really working. goFLUENT was also very adaptive to our needs. The reason why we stuck with goFLUENT is because they manage to improve year by year and the feedback we receive coming from the employees is very good.

Ofelia Nieto
HR & Learning and Development


In January 2012, Nivea France became a part of the Southern Europe Cluster including Greece, Portugal and Italy. Many teams based locally are directly reporting to managers and executives overseas, so the multicultural and multination integration in the organizational setup posed the need for strong command of the English language in the fastest way possible. Through goFLUENT’s Emile technology, the learner’s industry and interests are matched with relevant business content available on the eLearning portal for a hyper-personalized language learning path uniquely designed for professional needs.


For the Learner:

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    Accessible from any device anytime & anywhere

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    Confident articulation in business situations

For HR Operations:

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    Achieves HR learning goals faster

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    Easier monitoring throught HR Portal

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