Foster High-Level Professional Communication through Digital Language Learning

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    Success factors of ADP’s English training implementation

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    Results and impact of upskilling & reskilling programs

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    How langauge training upholds global & multicultural standards

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Ranked 284 in Fortune 500 in 2016


Over 56,700 employees worldwide


35 million users in the Cloud


ADP sets the standards and demands of a global multicultural workplace by equipping employees with competence and professionalism in all manners of communication in the English language. This ensures effective meeting of the minds and seamless coordination between people and teams.

Solution & Benefits

ADP launched goFLUENT’s Corporate Language Academy with a unique hyper-personalized blend of written & conversation classes with learning consultants and custom eLearning resources recommended by an AI-based technology.

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    Easy monitoring through the HR Portal

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    Easy access for all using a single sign-on

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    Overall increase in Employee Engagement