Equip Diverse Talents for Global Service with English Proficiency Training

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    Success factors of Asahi’s English training implementation

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    How investing in language training develops Asahi’s global workforce

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    Benefits of an easy-access digital learning environment.

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1949: An FMCG brand establish in Japan


30 000: Employees (as of 2021)


2020 Organizational Change: Global headquarters oversees the worldwide operations based in Europe, Oceania, and Southeast Asia


Since 2009, Asahi Group Holdings has been pursuing overseas mergers and acquisitions. Bridging cultural and lingual differences has become more essential for its globally expanding workforce. It increases the challenge of fostering a mindset of diversity, equity, and inclusion and developing human resources who can communicate with other employees overseas in English.


Solution & Benefits

To lay the foundation of DE&I, Asahi invests in its corporate communication by implementing a unique hyper-personalized blend of AI-based technology, human interaction, and immersive English training content.  By integrating Corporate Language Academy into the current learning management system (LMS), Career Palette, Asahi reaps the following benefits:

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    Easy access for all using a single sign-on

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    Blended learning for corporate leaders

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    Minimized HR administrative work

“The content is based on the latest articles from reputable media outlets such as the New York Times, AFP, and Harvard Business Review, so unlike most English language materials, employees can learn English that is immediately useful for business.”

Shuhei Sakukawa
Human Resources Senior Manager


“Many of the company’s leaders are busy with their daily duties. Good thing, goFLUENT allows users to consume learning content and take 1-on-1 lessons on any device, regardless of time or location. It was helpful for them to study during their spare time, commuting or break hours.”

Mina Kawaguchi
Human Resources Deputy Manager